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Decade The Halls

Pen_alias on 12. Sep, 2017 — Lang: English

Decade The Halls
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    A callback to my first strip? It can only mean one thing: today marks ten years since I first used Stripgenerator! Ten years of joy; ten years of love; ten years of laughter…that makes thirty years! Wow, time really flies.



    Say hello to the nice audience Hoppims.

    What makes you think they’re nice; you don’t even know them.

    That one over there looks pretty shifty-eyed to me.

    And that one…and that one…and that one…

    Now they’re all shifty-eyed!

    Of course they are; they’re looking around for the shifty-eyed one.

    Oh - right. But now the shifty-eyed one has stopped. How do you account for that?

    Why should I look around? I know who I am.

    nothing of importance, ten years of Stripgenerator
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