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Zeek 106

richard_burkhart on 5. Sep, 2017 — Lang: English

Zeek 106
  • This strip is a reply to Zeek 105



    Why is it a good thing that our enemy has become the Dark Lord Sauron?

    Because stories have power. We all know what happened to Sauron in the end.

    He's commited himself now. If we stick close enough to the story, we have him!

    If we stick to the story, Eugene dies, Zeek!

    We all know what happened to Boromir too!

    We'll do what we can to avoid that, Eugene. but we have to be careful not to vear to far off the plot line.

    That reminds me. Where is Tuzoc? I don't remember any Klingons in Middle Earth.

    He is off keeping watch outside the firelight. Something about marshmallows making a warrior weak.

    Speaking of,...Zeek, where did you get marshmallows?

    Dude, I made a starship! Marshmallows weren't hard to do.

    I miss the Enterprise.

    Marshmallows are nice.

    Could you do some Grahm Crackers?

    LOTR, Zeek, Vargs trees again
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