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My lost masterpiece.

julian724 on 23. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

My lost masterpiece.
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    I don't know if I can do this anymore guys. I just broke down crying because I put an hour of work into an AMAZING, I mean SENSATIONAL, Recreation of The Phantom of The Paradise. Like, I mean this was amazing. You know the comic "we are all going to hell"? This was on that level. This isn't even the first time, this was the third time in three days that all my work was lost. I've lost 3 masterpeices, all of my work gone to rest! I don't know if I can use this website if nothing I do matters. I love my work but this risk isn't worth it, I'll just hand-draw shit. Fuck whoever owns this sight. I hate them. Andraz? Fuck him, he's letting his sight die and letting creative minds fizzle out because they think they have an outlet. I was making an AMAZING comic guys, I just cant do this!

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  • NeoChomik 25.8.2017
    His letting his sight die? Damn, someone tell Andraz to check his eyes with the doctor! I blame sitting to close to those pc screens

    Serious talk though: I will try to ignore you tooting your own horn about how MIND-BLOWING AWESOME your comics were. I can relate to your frustration, HOURS of work put into this thing only to get a big Fuck you from the site. But we shall persevere till someone unplug the server and the site is finally down
  • abrotons 23.8.2017
    5 comments, 4 likes... it also happens
  • abrotons 23.8.2017
    it sometimes happens!! keep on, you're good!
  • richard_burkhart 23.8.2017
    I enjoy your strips, Julian. Please indulge my selfish desire to see more of them, PLEEEEASEE!
  • BaalMoloch 23.8.2017
  • qenene 23.8.2017
    It's not unusual to lose work with computers.
    Don't give up.
  • benjamin895 23.8.2017
    mate i think we've all been there before. ive lost so many strips many hours lost but, hang in there. i know its frustrating but if you love 'stripping' dont quit now! remember to save as much as you can as often as possible..

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