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Oh no, here comes that Scales again.

Scales on 17. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

Oh no, here comes that Scales again.
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    Hi guys. I couldn't log into my account for a very long time but I kept coming back and trying just in case and this time it worked.

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  • Quag54 18.8.2017
    Hey, welcome back.
  • Scales 18.8.2017
    Thanks for the bribe guys.

    abrotons, I didn't change my password. It just wouldn't let me log in. I would try to load and then it would time out.
  • cirkuz 17.8.2017
    hey good 2 c u back...
  • abrotons 17.8.2017
    you're lucky!! and it's good news... don't forget : NEVER change your password
  • Scales 17.8.2017
    Thank you craigdragon.
  • craigdragon 17.8.2017
    Great! There may be hope of other users being able to log in. Anyways, good to see you back!
  • Scales 17.8.2017
    Yeah, I would have thought that I had just done something wrong in trying to log in if it weren't for the fact that a bunch of us were talking about this problem on the SG facebook page. I wasn't the only one who couldn't log on.
  • richard_burkhart 17.8.2017
    Now if we can only get Occam back
  • EdWilder 17.8.2017

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