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Zeek 99

richard_burkhart on 11. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

Zeek 99
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    Well,this is it for Star Trek adventures for now. It's been fun adventuring in Federation space.



    So, Angus, Wiley created the Acme 2000 to defeat the humans. What does it do?

    That's just it, laddie, Noo one knows.

    The Runner wanted to use it right away and destroy the humans, but Wiley wouldn't let him.

    He said that if we destroyed our creators, we would be nae better than them.

    Captain to the bridge. Zeek, you said to let you know when we arrived...

    Well, we are home.

    It looks okay, Randal. Anything on the scanners?

    Very little, Captain. The energy from the Acme 2000 left them barely functional.

    Well, theres only one thing left to do then...

    And so on a deserted street, far from the school, no one witnesses the arrival of our heros.

    Where are Angus and the chickens?

    They are beeming down to the other side of the road somewhere.

    It feels strange to be home.

    Yeah, well I haven't been here for a very long time. See you guys in school tomorrow.

    Leaving our heros blissfully unaware of what awaits them...

    And in space above the planet, after weeks of faithful service,

    A damaged starship Enterprise simply ceases to exist.

    And, soon...

    Road Runner, Star Trek, Zeek
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