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Your Doctor Speaking

craigdragon on 7. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

Your Doctor Speaking
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    What your doctor says about you to your friends...maybe. If they're awful like this doctor. Anyways, where did "the whole kit and caboodle" actually originate? I've heard it a lot growing up but I can never find a good origin story online. Anyways, enjoy!



    ...depression, irrational tendencies, is suicidal, the whole kit and cabood!e.

    Wow, really? That sounds like a lot to work through.

    The guy just wants drugs, I get it! But then he tries to act like we're friends and all...

    Ah yeah, I totally get what you mean, I really do...

    ...So finally, I punched his stupid, fat face in.

    ...Can we back up to "kit and caboodle"? Because I have no clue what that means.

    still using a tablet, which is why, this strip is old school, stock characters, and text
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