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Just Mind Your Own

Pen_alias on 4. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

Just Mind Your Own
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    I don't know much about Immanuel Kant; I doubt he really thought of himself that way. I just needed a name to throw in there.



    Who would you say is the person that most influenced your way of thinking.

    No one: I am a unique, free-thinking entity whose mind is not prejudiced by any external suggestion.

    Just like Immanuel Kant.

    nothing of importance
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  • NeoChomik 11.8.2017
    I don't follow anyone. except those DYI articles
  • snakeoil 5.8.2017
    to think like that you'd pretty much have to be dead

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  • MadameCercle 5.8.2017
    * * *
  • MrTerrorKiller 5.8.2017
  • craigdragon 4.8.2017
    I took a philosophy class in college. But I promise that if I ever knew who Immanuel Kant was, I forgot immediately
  • richard_burkhart 4.8.2017
    Dude! You just made me do research on a philosopher! Rahhh! Nice strip though.

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