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The Farri and Abba SHow

richard_burkhart on 1. Aug, 2017 — Lang: English

The Farri and Abba SHow
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    I'm back at work, but I will not have as much time as I did last year to work on strips. Still it will be good to put some out again. Now to get ready for my students.



    Hi, Great to be here.

    Hi, Farri

    So Abba, tonight we have some guests from the hit strip, Zeek?

    Ha ha, Farri, indeed we do! Zeek himself is here, and Brad Smalls, who plays a dwarf in the strip is with him.

    Very interesting. Can you tell us more?

    That's all you can say?

    Well, I will be playing more of my alter ego who wants to destroy The Generatrix.

    When can we expect to see strips from season two?

    Well, they should start rolling out fairly soon, but each one is going to take longer to make.

    And the writer has less time to work with, so you may have to wait awhile between strips.

    No problem. Our pleasure.

    Yeah, thanks for having us.

    So Zeek, I guess the big question on everyone's mind is will there be a second season?

    Yes, Zeek. The first season was good but can you do it again?

    But it won't be set in the Star Trek universe, at least not from what we've seen so far.

    The only thing we are allowed to say is that there will be more guest stars from other strips and Pen's chickens will return for this season.

    Well Abba, the short answer is , yess there will be a second season.

    And I will have a *cough* bigger *cough* roll.

    Well, we'll be looking forward to them anyway. Thanks for coming on our show.

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