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Albert is not my creation

MrTerrorKiller on 15. Jul, 2017 — Lang: English

Albert is not my creation
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    I have to tell you all, I did not create Albert, he is an adaption of the personification of Terry Pratchet's DEATH in his Disc World books...In my first strip, " The Reaseraunt" when he first appears...The manager asked his name. I chose Albert because in Mr pratchets books, Albert was his assistant

    If you have not read Mr Pratchet's books, you missing out on a gold mine. having said that Albert was too popular to let go, I have had him in every strip I have made. He is just too much fun to leave behind.

    In Mr Pratchet's books he had a daughter named Susan, I have kept that, He moved to my strip and Sir Terry; yes he is English has passed on, hopefully with Albert's amusing guidance. I have no plans on moving Susan to any of my strips,should you wish to meet her Read "The Hogfarher" by Terry Pratchet

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