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Hard to believe I need my vacation to end.

richard_burkhart on 7. Jul, 2017 — Lang: English

Hard to believe I need my vacation to end.
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    Work in progress. Waiting to have the time to finish it.

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  • richard_burkhart 8.7.2017
    Thanks. I wanted to wait, but I've only been able to post one all summer.
  • Quag54 7.7.2017
    Looks cool so far.
  • MadameCercle 7.7.2017
    C’est ça. Se poser en plein vol.
  • abrotons 7.7.2017
    We're waiting fo ya
  • JRMarklin 7.7.2017
    A good job, it needs some time to do it.
    Un buen trabajo, necesita cierto tiempo para realizarlo.
  • craigdragon 7.7.2017
    Looks good!
  • snakeoil 7.7.2017
    the red Baron flies again!
  • richard_burkhart 7.7.2017
    @cirkuz, a foment on my Green Lantern strip made me think of trying this.
  • MrTerrorKiller 7.7.2017
    It's better than the Clarinet, can't wait to see my bro publish more!
  • Pen_alias 7.7.2017
    Personally, I wouldn't go up in a plane referred to as a "work in progress".
  • cirkuz 7.7.2017
    yeah saw this in yur library doing the red baron and his flying circus? [yes the red baron coined that phrase]

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