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MrTerrorKiller on 25. Jun, 2017 — Lang: English

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    Come with me Willow, I'll show around

    How many of those Chickens do you have?

    About 500, after the Colonel and the fox ate some...

    I'd really like to see those missle pods...

    So, whats your name?...

    You can call me Klaxon!

    Any particular reason?

    Its because of how loud I yell when I go into battle!

    Ohh Kayy you like to drink?


    Perfect! I'll get my friend H2 down from the ship and the 3 of us will visit you drinking establishments!

    It's fun to whatch him try put out a fire after he's been drinking

    And he just can't seem to help himself if he see's a fire

    J5 is sick
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