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ship is ready, crew????

MrTerrorKiller on 18. Jun, 2017 — Lang: English

ship is ready, crew????
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    Stardate 06 17 20017

    My friend and partner, J5 is acting odd

    Oh, his tossing Colonel Sanders through the roof, np

    No, the problem is, I think he was actuallt angry...

    He likes Everything human, smells, taste, and he tries Music, but he just doesnt get it that you have to work at it to feel it

    The poor guy can play everything perfectly...

    Hmm, Maybe I'll get him a pet...He would prolly have fun with a Vesubian Pit viper...ofcourse it would kill me...nm

    Stardate 06 17 20017



    I got it already, you were the one that wanted chickens!

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