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So this is a story all about how...

julian724 on 30. May, 2017 — Lang: English

So this is a story all about how...
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    Here's story, a story about a boy, and then a man. A 12 year old boy ran away from home looking for freedom and adventure. He wandered out into the desert looking for the fabled SG city, a city where creative minds flourish, and where opportunity was everywhere. He would have died in that desert if one of the city's inhabitants didn't save him. A man named Nathan showed the boy the way to the city, and they became fast friends. The boy also met two others, a girl named Eona, and an entity known as Madame circle. He ended up sharing an apartment with the entity, but they barely saw each other. While the boy lived his new life in the city, he made money by publishing sub-par comics about his "Adventures". He was thrust into a world far beyond what he expected, and decided that he was the hero. When Eona died, he literally went to hell and back to save her, fusing with a demon to do so. He also stopped a witch from taking over the city multiple times, but never killed her. The power got to his head, and thinking he could do no wrong, he turned the members of the city against each other. He erected large walls and threatened violence towards the people unless the witch's life was ended. In the end nobody found her, so he decided to blow the closed-off area up, even if other lives were lost, at least he'd know she was stopped. Without even realizing it, the boy became a man, and then a monster. Countless lives where on his hands. Out of fear of the law, and out of shame, he snuck away, back into the desert.

    Years pass and people assume him dead, life goes on, and the man decides to come back, make amends, become the hero he always wanted to be. Little did he know, a genius known as Neo and his brother in arms Rudevald had chose this day to start their takeover of SG city with their army of robots.”This is it” thought the man, “my chance to be a hero, to redeem myself.” Julian tried to take on the entire army by himself, to no success. He soon found that the witch was working with Neo. She had battered him so badly in a fight that when the hunters, a group working to stop Neo, got to him, they had to put what was left of his body, mostly spinal cord and brain, into a meal shell. He was now more man than machine. He joined the hunters in their fight to stop Neo, only for the Genius’ main soldier, Rudevald, Simply gave up. The public was told that a few noble heroes, Those heroes being The man, a corrupted hero who “redeemed” himself, a simple milkman who rose to the occasion, and an anonymous hero known only as X.

    Sadly, the demon that fused with him all those years ago had taken it’s tole on him. It had slowly eroded away at his mind, and to protect the public’s image of a hero, he was locked away in a prison for the criminally insane.

    More time passed, and the which had returned, more powerful than ever. She used some kind of gas cloud to control people. There was mass panic, and in that panic the robotic, feral beast that used to be the man escaped, and was soon shot down by a rebel group. He died, and followed the black parade through purgatory, and stood, as all do, before god. Despite being seen as a “Hero” among mortals, he was seen as unworthy of eternal paradise, due to his use of demonic powers. He pleaded ad begged and groveled, and was offered a deal. He would have to prove himself, one more day on earth to be completely selfless and prove that he is not deserving of eternal torture in the pits of hell.

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