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No Man's Sky - Space scene

firelordA2 on 23. May, 2017 — Lang: No text

No Man's Sky - Space scene
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    Woah I actually managed not to break the engine :D

    I really would want to move the whole strip a bit, but I can't since it would lose it's quality, eitherways enjoy the strip/artwork ^^

    The amazing Sentinel Mothership (freighter) made by richard_burkhart. (In fact that's a freighter that would apear if you'd get in real big trouble, but they have a different color design)
    Afcourse there are normal freighters that you can own and there's a variaty of them, even ones that look like the Sentinel Mothership...

    Okay let's get to the screenshots I took in the game - some of them are random and some of them are really good, so here's the link don't forget to load the others to see more

    This strip is a reply to No Man's Sky (Info in desc.), No Man's Sky
    FireLordA2, No, Mans, Sky, Nomanssky, Space, freighter
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