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NEWS! Revival of Strip Generator?

firelordA2 on 22. May, 2017 — Lang: English

NEWS! Revival of Strip Generator?
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    here's the Strip Generator fb page where they recently were adding new stuff

    This strip is a reply to Testing testing 1,2,tree



    Heroes never die!

    Turns out Strip Generator might get a revival since Žiga posted on facebook on may 5th "Strip Generator revival #stripgenerator #freshcharacters" with a picture of some new characters (one of them are from previous Zek creations)
    and seems like he's also working on the new Strip Animator with Žiga's today's post "Doin' me best to make this happen asap #stripanimator #stripgenerator
    Son of Strip Generator"

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  • julian724 14.12.2017
    I heard something about an app, but it looked something along the line of snapchat with short, one frame comics or animations
  • richard_burkhart 14.12.2017
    Beats me. Looks like they are making something new anyway. Not something you can use the way we do SG. Haven't heard anythiong about fixing or updating this site.
  • julian724 14.12.2017
    is this still possibly happening?
  • MadameCercle 9.6.2017
  • firelordA2 7.6.2017
    @julian: read the comments from b4

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  • julian724 7.6.2017
    Wait, an animation tool? A GODDAMN ANIMATION TOOL? He steps away from this site for years and comes back with a new tool? Fucking stupid! We don't need new tools, we need routine maintenance. sidebar ads that work, strips that actually post instead of posting nulls, spam control, the ability to buy new theme packs.

    Not only to mention that adding an animation would require an entire rework of the SG engine, since it seems to save it as some sort of pdf, wich doesn't seem to support movement of any kind! COME ON!
  • richard_burkhart 6.6.2017
    Sadly, it looks like you will need a "premium" account to do any real story telling. This bodes ill for me as I loathe monthly fees.
  • firelordA2 6.6.2017
    maybe it's for pc and android

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  • richard_burkhart 6.6.2017
    Looks like it's for mobile devices.
  • firelordA2 6.6.2017
    @Zigmund: the strip animator looks interesting :D
  • Robukka 6.6.2017
    Love the way its shaping up :)
  • Zigmund 6.6.2017
    A post on Facebook with the concept new tool:
  • MrTerrorKiller 24.5.2017
    Anything to keep this running
  • MrTerrorKiller 24.5.2017
    I'M IN,
  • Veronique 24.5.2017
  • richard_burkhart 23.5.2017
    Yayyy! It's for real! I would really like to be in on the ground floor of something like what I missed with SG.
  • Robukka 23.5.2017
    Exciting, good news

    and I would buy theme packs or the like to support it

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  • Zigmund 23.5.2017
    Hey you guys!

    I am happy for such enthusiasm from you all, we are still at the very beginning, but hyped about doing this.

    One of the options is a crowdfunding platform.
    Will keep yo posted!
  • Tproductions 23.5.2017
    I hate to be the bearer of good news...
  • MrTerrorKiller 23.5.2017
    There is nothing like this that I can find, just to hear the interest excites me

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