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anonymous on 19. May, 2017 — Lang: English

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    Jerome is trying to trade is camera for the hair spray

    I will give you my camera for your Hair spray.

    Why would I give you my Hair spray.

    It seems Jerome is going to need a reason

    Well your growing quite old and nearing the end of having hair. Me on the other hand still have years to go of hair. I think I need the hair spray more.

    Why should I give you the hair spray Other people have stuff I want.

    Jerome will need to explain why the guy wants his camera.

    Jerome decides to tell a white lie.

    This camera has the best quality. It is normaly on the market for more than 3000$ I am willing to trade you it for just tht hairspray.

    Im sold. Heres my hair spray.

    And heres my camera

    Jerome did it. He made a successfull trade.

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