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Hello from the other side

NeoChomik on 10. May, 2017 — Lang: Polski

Hello from the other side
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    What, you thought only you can stare at people doing stuff? you could go watch Zeek, that's pretty cool stuff... - Jesto



    Well...looks like this fatass is still struggling to come up with any good strips as always.

    Yeah sure, i could give those poor bored souls that are users of this site some more hindsight into this world...

    But what would I even talk about? my magnificent self is as covered as he bothered to flesh me out as a character....

    hey, since we are all stuck, staring at each other...

    You want me to tell some stories? what would you want me to talk about?

    NeoChomik, Jesto
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  • julian724 9.6.2017
    Rip....I kinda forgot about that...Rudevald wins.....I'll finish it eventually. Have had no motivation recently
  • NeoChomik 5.6.2017
    @Julian724: I don't know, how is that SG Tournament wrap up coming up? - Jesto
  • julian724 30.5.2017
    Here's a story I'd love to hear, how does betrayal of the skull end?
  • craigdragon 10.5.2017
    You could tell a story, if you want
  • richard_burkhart 10.5.2017
    Love your characters, love your strips. Great dialogue all the time. I must admit, I would love to be able to animate my characters the way you do. I can do stories (turns out they all mostly start "What if?") But I wish I had half your talent with characters.
  • abrotons 10.5.2017
    nice sofa!
  • firelordA2 10.5.2017
    QnA stuff? :D

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