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Zeek 89

richard_burkhart on 21. Apr, 2017 — Lang: English

Zeek 89
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    And that's it! Zeek in space is about done for a while.



    As Enterprise and the Borg Cube continue to drift through the nebula...

    Angus, what can you do as far as movement and weapons?

    Captain we have emergency life support only. Ah can turn the ship in place by venting plasma and Ah can give the sensor disc an almighty glow. Ah umnae able tae do aught else.

    That'll have to do then.

    Turn us towards the cube and make that sensor glow like a star.

    And so Enterprise slowly turns to face her foe.

    Her sensor disc glowing brightly.

    Aboard the Borg ship there is a reaction.

    A Borg Sphere emerges.

    And promptly disappears into the nebula.

    Star Trek, Zeek
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