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Fun with Edward and Katze.

richard_burkhart on 20. Apr, 2017 — Lang: English

Fun with Edward and Katze.
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    Just playing around.



    Edward was worried about Katze.

    Katze was gone and hadn't even taken his favorite toy!

    Edward asked Frankie,

    but Frankie hadn't seen Katze.


    Edward asked Cthulhu,

    but Cthulhu hadn't seen Katze either.

    Then Edward saw the screaming lady.

    She knew where Katze was!

    She was playing with Katze! Nice screaming lady!

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  • calm 25.4.2017
    Looks like you had fun with all the characters! :-)
  • cirkuz 21.4.2017
  • firelordA2 21.4.2017
    nice use of the theme pack
  • EdWilder 21.4.2017
    Sweet story...
  • abrotons 21.4.2017
    I know I shouldn ask, but how did you get your packs?
  • dogtrax 21.4.2017
    It's always in the most unexpected places that we find what we are missing
  • snakeoil 21.4.2017
    once apon a time there was a scary story
    then there was this ;)
  • OccamsRayzor 21.4.2017
    Ah Katze, he's such a cut-up
  • Pen_alias 21.4.2017
    My but that was fun.
  • craigdragon 21.4.2017
    That's what everyone says about the screaming lady, that she is the nicest person around. Just not the quietest.

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