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richard_burkhart on 20. Apr, 2017 — Lang: No text

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    Now for something differenter

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  • NeoChomik 26.4.2017
    what ya lookin' at punk?
  • calm 25.4.2017
    WOW! This is terrific!

    YIKES....I'm running away......
  • cirkuz 21.4.2017
    yup thats lurch alright ! oh wait that wasnt suppose to be you was it!

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  • richard_burkhart 21.4.2017
    @abrotons, It is a lot easier with pencils and pens. I am constantly amazed at what people like EdWilder can do with SG.
  • abrotons 21.4.2017
    Drawing faces is difficult for me.
  • mau 21.4.2017
    Don't look at me this way!
  • OccamsRayzor 21.4.2017
    Definitely Lurch! :D
  • craigdragon 20.4.2017
    This guy definitely needs more sleep
  • Pen_alias 20.4.2017
    Don't tell him he looks like Boris Karloff. That's how the guy in Melbourne got it.
  • EdWilder 20.4.2017
    (In deepest gutteral voice)
    "YOU RANG?"
  • snakeoil 20.4.2017
    that or a really skinny hulk XD
  • richard_burkhart 20.4.2017
    Does look a bit Lurchy.
  • snakeoil 20.4.2017
    its Lurch!
  • firelordA2 20.4.2017
    looks like a manly golum

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