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Eddie G. Gets Parole

OccamsRayzor on 19. Apr, 2017 — Lang: English

Eddie G. Gets Parole
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    Monsieur Edward! Bonsoir, mon amie. You have returned to us at last.
    You would like your usual table, oui?

    That's right, Claude, I just got outta the slammer, see, and I want a nice quiet dinner with my girl here.

    I don't want no palookas starin' and laughing at me, just 'cause I got fingered for a Southside numbers racket.

    But of course, M'sieu, we are ze soul of discretion at La Société, as are all of our patrons.
    Here we are all friends, oui?
    Now, may I take your hat? Your table awaits.

    Nyaaaaah! I knew it!
    Look at all these stiffs staring at me.

    What are you lookin' at, ya mugs?

    You never seen a guy get outta the Big House before?

    It just ain't right, Eddie.

    five seconds later...

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  • NeoChomik 26.4.2017
    some manners
  • cirkuz 20.4.2017
    his last movie was"SOILENT GREEN"
    for those of you who haven't seen it
  • EdWilder 20.4.2017
  • snakeoil 20.4.2017
    no way are they eyeing up those big tits are they
  • OccamsRayzor 20.4.2017
    @Calm - Thank you ;-)
    They're both built upon theme pack elements, but I modified them to make these characters. Actually, the Maitre D' is a thinly disguised vampire from the Halloween pack.
  • calm 19.4.2017
    Hi OR! So nice to see you publishing a strip! Is Eddie your character? He's amazing! Love the little miss too! :-)
  • richard_burkhart 19.4.2017
    They probably ARE looking at about the same level as his eyes...I can understand his confusion.

    Awesome strip =)

    PS: I had this speck on my computer screen and I thought"Wow! look at that realistic looking mole he stuck on Eddie G's face! Did he really have one?" Then I scrolled down and it went away.

    edited by owner

  • JRMarklin 19.4.2017
    Edward G. Robinson, great actor of the 40's
  • craigdragon 19.4.2017
    Nyaaaah! Lol!
  • abrotons 19.4.2017

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