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dibunt on 11. Apr, 2017 — Lang: English

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    Heeeey! I saw this colors thing from the emojis and I needed to try it! Thanks for the discovery, calm! :D

    I hope you like the annual strip, as always. Mmmm, actually, I have some new ideas I really want to make, so i might break this stupid tradition, doing one per year is not enough
    See you soon! ^^

    dibunt, plot, play, cousin, nice, colors, yellow
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  • chuloman 25.4.2017
    Un clásico.
  • Fabiolars 21.4.2017
    Hahahahaha it´s funny. I want to know too!
  • craigdragon 17.4.2017
    Ha ha ha, no cliffhangers!
  • dogtrax 13.4.2017
    I still want to know ...
  • Tproductions 12.4.2017
    The last image is exactly me every tv show

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  • dibunt 12.4.2017
    Yaaay, thank you all! I'm sorry if you were interested in the Andrazman plot too >:D

    @calm wowow, you have great attention to details, i'm impressed! Thanks again! ^^
  • calm 12.4.2017
    WOW! What a FANTASTIC strip!
    I'm so impressed with your layout and how you blended the colors & used shading. You have an eye---(haha) so very artistic! Your sweet characters with their adorable expressions are just incredible! I love the goodness...Look at his position on the couch---awesome! There is so much to talk about!--- The mention of Andrazman totally made me sit up and lean in to read each word from the little guy's story! Oh...please don't wait another year to make another strip! This strip is tucked away in my Favorites gallery now! I love your style! Gush, mush....XX00 :-)
  • NeoChomik 11.4.2017
    Welp... if it's one year of creativity poured into one strip per year... i can accept that
  • richard_burkhart 11.4.2017
    Caught myself trying to read around the kids head!
  • abrotons 11.4.2017
    i anima't a fer-ne més!
  • abrotons 11.4.2017
    encara no sé com ho feu
  • Pen_alias 11.4.2017
    Well, that kid's traumatized for life.
  • qenene 11.4.2017
    Hahaha. The adult was "childished".
    The colour backgrounds enhace your comics a lot.
  • firelordA2 11.4.2017
    When you start watching a series

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