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NE: Noctopussy Destruction

firelordA2 on 10. Apr, 2017 — Lang: English

NE: Noctopussy Destruction
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    Note - use transcript , because SG tends to mess up the text

    And the blue speech bubble is fire lord's helmet voice

    NE - Noctompetition entry (made by Richard_burkhardt)

    So the SG fire lord is getting back to battling, but this time it's Noctopus he'll have to take care of.

    Fire lord's helmet has high tech advancements that let's him instantaneously equip battle armor and use other smart technology. Noctopus sensed the intent of fire lord equiping his helmet so he shot his lazer pistol (fun fact that he can only use one charge, cause it's the first time the Noctopi have ever made weapons) at fire lord's helmet so Noctopus would be able to use hypnosis.

    Err ehh sorry to those who love the Noctopuss ;c
    ...And yeah this is a gory entry, but it kinda makes me remember the times I used to make strips with gore.
    I have been working on this for like half of the day xD and had to continue working on night time D: since I can't save up the strip and continue working on it the next day.
    I hope you liked the entry !

    ... kay I need my sleep now :v

    This strip is a reply to 1st Anual Noctompetition, Noctompetition Results, Noctopussy Destruction Behind The Scenes



    Strip Generator and it's city is in trouble

    Huh... I guess I'll have to get back to havin' battles like in good old times.

    After our first atempt,

    we, Noctopi shall take over Strip Generator!


    Wait... All of these SG comunity members... they're all taken over by Nocto- NO ... I'm hallucinating!

    Vision stabilizing

    There's more of them... and it seems like the portal is the source of the problem

    Strip, Generator, Noctopus
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