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Money Bags

calm on 5. Apr, 2017 — Lang: English

Money Bags
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    Who do I contact? :-)

    This strip is a reply to Money Bags 2



    double click to write...

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  • craigdragon 17.4.2017
    That'd be nice!
  • Fabiolars 14.4.2017
    Really? :O
  • Tproductions 7.4.2017
    I found the twitter of Andraz:

    He still seems to be active, you should give that a shot?
  • Tproductions 7.4.2017
    This would be brilliant if pulled off correctly. I hope the new owner, you or anyone else, is able to get some life back into this place.

    Maybe some of the people who have left or haven't given Stripgenerator a thought for awhile (like me) come back and create some amazing strips again. This site really deserves all the attention it can get - there is no site like this. (We might be able to finally reach 1,000,000 strips!)

    Thanks to this site, I discovered my love for creating digital and even non-digital art.

    I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you will be able to pull this off!
  • richard_burkhart 6.4.2017
    Soooo, all we need is someone capable and interested....lots of interested here capable is harder to come by.
  • OccamsRayzor 6.4.2017
    The last time I discussed this matter with those in charge, they were pretty much prepared to give it away to someone capable of supporting and developing the site. That requires more than just servers, but bandwidth and developing capabilities. The branding would still be theirs, of course, but those kinds of details can be worked out. I'm sure if anyone was actually prepared to talk turkey, then a deal could be made.
  • mau 6.4.2017
    I looked on Google Maps, and Kranj is not that far from Ljubljana. It's not so obscure: in 1982 I went to Dobrepolje (on the other side of Ljubljana) and that's really obscure!
  • cirkuz 5.4.2017
    ive been here a long time too [i have more points than accounts here-lol]
    i'm sure whom ever wants to sell this site is wanting way more than it's worth, but the potential is there! the money here is in ad space just like youtube
    [boy i remember when youtube didnt have ads]
    i'm not saying i have all the answers [i dont]
    its funny tho the time here just flew by...
    if you dont count all the wars i had here...
    well i'll be like everybody else just wait till something happens...

    edited by owner

  • richard_burkhart 5.4.2017
    That would be sweet. It seems like we are all dependent on a server hidden in someone's dusty basement somewhere in an obscure town somewhere on planet Earth. If there were back up servers or duplicates... I love SG. My biggest fear is that when this disappears, there will never be anything like it again.
  • NeoChomik 5.4.2017
    Good luck with that. If you get access to the assets, how about making a downloadable version of the site?
  • Elgar 5.4.2017
    Not sure. Hope it's still a thing: "you can write to us by email at Alternatively, we can be reached by our postal mail address":

    3fs računalniški studio d.o.o.
    Kidričeva 53
    4000 Kranj
    Slovenija, EU

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  • abrotons 5.4.2017
    can I be your partner?
  • Pen_alias 5.4.2017
    Expanding your empire, I see.
  • julian724 5.4.2017
    Honestly please do it. IDK who to contact, but if you're serious Occam knows Andraz, I think.
  • mau 5.4.2017
    go, Calm, go!
  • snakeoil 5.4.2017
    hey OccamsRayzor good to see you back!
    @ Calm"KA_CHING!"
  • qenene 5.4.2017
    Hey, these bags are full of snails!
  • OccamsRayzor 5.4.2017
    That would be awesome calm - what are your web developer skills like?
  • calm 5.4.2017
    Aw...thanks, R_B! I love this place!

    BTW, if I fall a bit short, can you spot me a low interest loan? :-)
  • richard_burkhart 5.4.2017
    Good luck, Calm. Couldn't think of a better owner

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