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Going to Arizona to visit Family

mark_burkhart on 24. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Going to Arizona to visit Family
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    The writer need a lift to Arizona to meet his brother!

    Can we do that PAL?We might pick up more air on the way

    That's probably a bad idea Buttercup...

    Don't worry Mates! I'll pick'im up

    I wanna switch ships with this guy!

    wish I could take the Tardis
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  • snakeoil 26.3.2017
    have some brewskies with the broskies
  • calm 25.3.2017
    Have fun in AZ! Will there be any collaborating on strips while you are there? :-)
  • cirkuz 24.3.2017
    why is the Jupiter 2 following them?
  • NeoChomik 24.3.2017
    his is bigger on the inside, therefore more air!
  • abrotons 24.3.2017
  • firelordA2 24.3.2017
    have a good time with your family!
  • richard_burkhart 24.3.2017
    Looks like my double will be here soon.
  • Pen_alias 24.3.2017
    You don't want to leave Uranus behind!

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