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Nice Pair!

TheComedyRooster on 22. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Nice Pair!
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  • calm 22.3.2017 cute! hehe...nice pair~pear! Funny!
    I like the way your emojis look with the black around them. They look more cartoon like! :-)

    @firelordA2, that video looks like one I would have shared with my students! :-)
  • firelordA2 22.3.2017
    Oh you just made me remember the song of homonym-ble game
    "When I ask you for a pear
    and you say,"pair of what?""

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  • richard_burkhart 22.3.2017
    Very polite pair!
  • Pen_alias 22.3.2017
    Don't trust him; it's a trick!
  • abrotons 22.3.2017
    nice pun

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