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Almost done with the new Heidi,

mark_burkhart on 22. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Almost done with the new Heidi,
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    Ohh Farri! you are going to the Orient!

    Oh YES Heidi! I shall be most famous when I come back!

    Son, you still have to get there let alone back!

    Father, you know Farri is the BEST!

    Yes my dear daughter, sadly so does he...

    the old one is still around and, dangerous
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  • cirkuz 22.3.2017
    who doesn't love a woman with a gag around her mouth...
  • NeoChomik 22.3.2017
    he is better than you think, but not as good as he thinks he is
  • richard_burkhart 22.3.2017
    We love Farri, yes we do!
    We love Farri, how about...never mind.
  • Pen_alias 22.3.2017
    He's not already famous?
  • mark_burkhart 22.3.2017
    dont like her head
  • mark_burkhart 22.3.2017
    still more work to do on her though, maybe small ears and something else with her clothes
  • mark_burkhart 22.3.2017
    lol prolly end up on a ship called...I dont know....Yesterday's Dream?
  • abrotons 22.3.2017
    have a nice trip

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