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Reality Check

calm on 21. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Reality Check
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  • mau 23.3.2017
    so do I
  • NeoChomik 22.3.2017
    And that's why i will never label myself as an artist on SG. I just make pictures with shapes and throw text over it
  • calm 22.3.2017
    Sweet friends...Thanks for your nice comments! :-)

    Of course that means you have encouraged me to make more of my original, silly characters.

    But first, I need to play a bit more with emojis!
  • richard_burkhart 21.3.2017
    I challenge the rhino on the right to do anything but stand there being rhinoy.
  • abrotons 21.3.2017
  • TheComedyRooster 21.3.2017
    Your rhino is friendlier
  • 35sheep 21.3.2017
    "Distilled rhinoness" ??? As in Rhino-jack??? :-D
  • mau 21.3.2017
    as Plato would have said, yours is the *idea* of a rhino!
  • mark_burkhart 21.3.2017
    The idea of rhino as Albert would say...
  • OccamsRayzor 21.3.2017
    Nonsense - the one on the right is just a generic depiction of a rhino, whereas yours is pure essence of rhino - distilled rhinoness, if you will.
  • richard_burkhart 21.3.2017
  • cirkuz 21.3.2017
  • Pen_alias 21.3.2017
    Yours is cuter.

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