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Hostile Take Over!

richard_burkhart on 20. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Hostile Take Over!
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    Appologies to anyone's intellectual properties that I may have folded, spindled, or otherwise mutilated.



    We have taken control of the Strip Generator!

    All your strips are now belong to us!

    We control all.



    We are NOT Octopi!

    You will recieve instructions.

    NeoChomik, Pen_Alias
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  • richard_burkhart 21.3.2017
    Great, so much for my "original" idea....
  • firelordA2 21.3.2017
    it was conquered by octopi back when Noonie was here
  • abrotons 21.3.2017
  • dogtrax 21.3.2017
    Waiting for further instructions ....
  • mau 21.3.2017
    now I understand why I had to prepare a quiz on my (Italian) blog named "Octopus's Garden"!
  • mark_burkhart 21.3.2017
    AHah! ABBA isn't in there....hmmmmm, not good enough I guess....Bro I got roo'd, guess that's not good enough for You! JK It's funny
  • mark_burkhart 21.3.2017
    All this from octopi,pitty you dint call this week. It looks like fun
  • mark_burkhart 21.3.2017
    Lol bro
  • Pen_alias 21.3.2017
    Don't let them get the chickens!
  • calm 21.3.2017
    An alien take over?
  • richard_burkhart 20.3.2017
    Oh, and I took extra special care with your characters, Neo. They are some of my favorites.
  • richard_burkhart 20.3.2017
    The joke really is on him, Neo. He isn't getting what he thinks he's getting. It's kind of like one of The Brain's plan's to take over the world.
  • cirkuz 20.3.2017
    hypno eyes...
  • NeoChomik 20.3.2017
    the joke's on him. my goggles protect me from strips take-over!

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