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Tournament Character Sheet: SGFL_A2

firelordA2 on 18. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Tournament Character Sheet: SGFL_A2
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    I just had some fun testing/playing around with my old character and also with some effects while making this strip.
    Sorry if he looks not anatomically correct
    (probably would add up a certain angle for the body) XD
    Anyways if you'll use him, just use the simplified version since it's a bit too advanced for some people to use this one.
    In some case I might not make a strip since there's a possibility I'll be preparing for exam or some other life related crap would happen.

    This strip is a reply to Tournament Character Sheet



    Name: SGFL_A2

    Species: Human

    Dimension of origin: SSGG and Strip Generator

    Dual swords;
    High tech lightweight armor;

    Powers: 1. Can heat up a big area (incase just be prepared to fight in a dangerous environment)
    2. Since he's light weight he's flexible with his moves and can dodge pretty nicely
    3. Psychic powers which he can use for his fiery abilities

    Weaknesses: 1. His armor is hightech which means he has a battery which runs for a certain time, once it runs out he can't use his visor for info on the battlefield.
    2. His armor can take up a certain amount of bullets (once that limit is reached he's vurnerable to being hurt by bullets)
    3. A melee fight is more effective on him
    4. Certain ice (or just extinguishing) powers can counter the 1st power.

    FireLordA2, Stripgenerator, SG_Tournament
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