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The Comedy Rooster

TheComedyRooster on 18. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

The Comedy Rooster
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    So Calm shared to the world probably the best thing i have ever seen on SG! Mind totally blown! I had to try it out

    As for the Comedy Rooster, Occy and i were chatting and he said i should come back as a dude chicken, since i'm a dude.

    The reason why i deleted TCH, there are 2 reasons, some of you know what the reasons are. For those who don't, don't worry :) If you really would like to know i will send you a private message explaining but its really not that exciting.

    Now get back to stripping and thanks calm for this amazingness

    This strip is a reply to Six Vignettes, Oh, Poo!



    Why are you The Comedy Rooster now?

    I can't lay eggs, so i'm a boy

    Are you sure you can't lay eggs?

    I've tried many times, i just can't do it so i must be a boy

    Try one last time, if you don't lay an egg then we know you're a rooster

    Ok, if i lay an egg i'm a hen, if not, i'm a rooster!

    Push harder TCH! I know you're a hen!

    thecomedyhen, thecomedyrooster, TCH, TCR, Calm, OMG, POOP
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  • abrotons 22.3.2017
    what happened?
  • URMUNO 19.3.2017
    iz funny
  • richard_burkhart 19.3.2017
    Love ya man...ER...male hen....rooster. Whatever, welcome back. =)
  • calm 19.3.2017
    Well, hello dear friend! I am so happy to see you back!! :-) This strip made me laugh out loud! ~ It figures that you are a rooster! Now I will have to scout around for another hen who will lay the eggs needed for the SG Easter Egg Contest!
    ~Thanks for coming out and playing with me!
  • Fabiolars 18.3.2017
    Hahahaha it´s TCR!
  • qenene 18.3.2017
    Welcome back, man!
    You threw it out at 1/2 meter away from Uranus. That's gas propulsion!
    PD: Don't turn on the fan.
  • Pen_alias 18.3.2017
    Anything is possible if you use your apple.
  • TheComedyRooster 18.3.2017
    Calm says she used her apple so I tried it on my little Mac, copied the emojis from the link qenene gave in calms strip and it worked 1st try

    Will try on Windows tomorrow. This is such a cool find!
  • craigdragon 18.3.2017
    This shit looks cool, can't wait to give it a go!

    edited by owner

  • OccamsRayzor 18.3.2017
    Hahahaha! Still doesn't work for me, and that's shit.
    edit - As qenene already noted, native OS support for colour emojis is required, which means that if you are running a Windows OS, it must be 8.1 or above. It's still a fun tip, as there are lots of good monochrome emojis.

    edited by owner

  • Pen_alias 18.3.2017
    There goes the hen-maphrodite theory.

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