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Six Vignettes

calm on 18. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Six Vignettes
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  • dibunt 10.4.2017
    Wait whaaaat?! I gotta try this too!
  • mark_burkhart 19.3.2017
    Ohhhh so many issues in one strip,all I can say is well done, hate thinking too much
  • calm 19.3.2017
    Thanks, qenene!
    Hi, craigdragon!
    @ Fabiolars, I appreciate you noticing my lipstick! :-)
  • firelordA2 18.3.2017
    btw I'm on Windows 10
  • Fabiolars 18.3.2017
    Ah! I like your lipstick ;) Hahahaha!
  • Fabiolars 18.3.2017
    Oh! I need Windows 10 right now. Could I do in Safari in my iphone :/ I could try.

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  • qenene 18.3.2017
    Calm, is well explained, but if you don't have a MAc o Windows10, the emojies are copied in B&W as happens to Firelord.
    I readed there are extensions for Firefox to add colour fonts, but I haven't tried yet.

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  • craigdragon 18.3.2017
    Hi Calm! This is incredible by the way! I'll have to try it out one of these days
  • calm 18.3.2017
    @Elgar! I'm sure qenene could show us!
  • calm 18.3.2017
    Hi Neo! Isn't it exciting?! :-)
  • Elgar 18.3.2017
    What happens when compost hit the fan? :D
  • NeoChomik 18.3.2017
  • calm 18.3.2017
    @Elgar! Hello! :-)

    I should be slinging compost...I can't pull away from the computer for some reason! :-)
  • Elgar 18.3.2017
    This changes everything! :o

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  • calm 18.3.2017
    @qenene, yes, those are the exact emojis I used! If anyone can figure this out and make the most of them, it is YOU. Congrats on FA! Your funny sh** hitting the fan strip and the emojis strip are actually the reasons I crawled out of the wood work to strip last night. Thanks for the laughs!

    @firelordA2, Hi! I'm not sure why yours are in B&W. Did you try making it bigger? You could probably still have fun experimenting with B&W emojis!

    @OR, thanks for your support! Big hugs for all you do!

    @Abrotons, what does 5th best mean?

  • calm 18.3.2017
    Hi! So, how come no one commented on my new lipstick? hehe

    Isn't it great! TheComedyRooster is back! Hooray! You made my day!!! :-)

    Now---back to the emojis! ~~I am probably the worst person to explain how to do this, but I'll try. I'll explain it in layman terms and hopefully qenene, 35Sheep, TCR (AKA TCH), OR, SnakeYukon (my first tutor at SG) or another SG techie can explain/make a strip tutorial (35Sheep where are you when I need you!!!????---This is your tutorial territory! So, SG friends don't laugh at my explanation, OK? (My techie sons would tell me to stop being such a dork right about now!)

    I use use an Apple computer when I strip. I opened a window with SG to create my strip and opened a window with "Messages" where I type texts to family/friends---similar to what I do on my iPhone---but so much easier on the computer! I typed an emoji in a text message window and "cut" it. Then I chose the "TEXT" tab and chose "TITLES" with the "sample text" style (so I wouldn't have a frame around the text box). I double clicked the text box --"double click to write..." and pasted the image into it using "command V". The emoji is super small! Next, I highlighted the emoji and increased the font size to 81 ---or made it smaller depending what I size I needed it to be.

    There are some limitations...I couldn't get the image bigger than size 81 font size and I couldn't rotate or flip the image.

    The image can be blurred.

    I hope this makes sense!
  • abrotons 18.3.2017
    5th best
  • firelordA2 18.3.2017
    it only pastes an uncolored emoji xD
  • firelordA2 18.3.2017
    woah emojies?
  • qenene 18.3.2017

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