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Rudevald vs Ninja Craig (pt. 1/2)

NeoChomik on 16. Mar, 2017 — Lang: Polski

Rudevald vs Ninja Craig (pt. 1/2)
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    Author's Note: In this strip Rude's Scar is red not pink, because it's still a fresh wound.
    I took some liberties while making this strip. I hope the overall effect will compensate for it though. The real fireworks will have to wait untill part 2

    This strip is a reply to Ninja Craig Vs Rude (Part 1)



    Git off my lawn!

    Hmph! not even close!

    I must say, you are quite impressive

    Seriously injured, under influence of alcohol. and yet you are still a formidable opponent....

    I gotta thank ya too... because of you, that robot chicken thing gave me this badass scar...

    If i weren't drunk, it would hurt like hell though... so less yappin' more ass kickin'

    If you insist....

    NeoChomik, SG_Tournament, Rudevald, ninja craig
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