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Zeek 73

richard_burkhart on 8. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Zeek 73
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    Whew! Finally ready for the battle!



    GhaH 'ej Duvan HoD Torg. 'eH, tIj yI'el.

    I did not know your culture valued the Klingon language, Captain Zeek.

    It's not very common I'm afraid. Follow me to the situation room please, Captain.

    Thank you for coming. Our circumstances are dire.

    According to The Oracle, you cannot be succesfull without aid.

    Greetings again Oracle, Lord MacCavity, I should have known you were aboard.

    Our school janitor is LORD MacCavity?

    I believe you know The Oracle and this is Angus. He may has some interesting ideas that may help.

    It's been lang years since anybody called me Laird, laddie.

    Angus thinks he can give us the power to penetrate the enemy ship with our weapons

    That is good news!

    Yes, unfortunately it is a one shot deal. I hesitate to commit to it without knowing that it will destroy our foe and not just his ship.

    The Oracle tells us that the only other way to destry the enemy ship is by sacrificing a starship?

    A large enough anti-matter explosion will disable the vessel, yes.

    You have given me much to consider, Captain. I will return to my vessel now. This enemy has made an error in choosing to use Klingons as pawns.

    Next: The Battle with the Beast!

    Star Trek, Zeek
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