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Zeek Vs Ninja Craig

richard_burkhart on 3. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Zeek Vs Ninja Craig
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    Sorry Craig, I seem to have made NC more bloodthirsty than I ought. Had this strip made ahead of time though. Just been waiting.

    This strip is a reply to Ninja Craig Vs Zeek



    What am I doing here? That last fight was seriously violent!

    You'll have to try harder, Craig. I have a force field!

    While you, it seems, do NOT!

    Appearently your shield is useless against my tail attack, fool!


    You come against me with children's playthings?

    For that insult alone you deserve to die!

    Once more...WITH FEELING!

    What new toy do you bring to battle now child?

    It's called a phasor rifle, ninja!

    And, this CHILD has captained a STARSHIP!

    Captain's log supplemental...Note to self, never bring a super soaker to a ninja fight.

    No ninjas were actually harmed in the making of this strip.

    SG tournement, SG_Tournament
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  • MadameCercle 4.3.2017
    Magnifique planche !
  • abrotons 4.3.2017
    Quina passada!
  • mark_burkhart 4.3.2017
    Well, I like it...
  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    parallel dimensions?
  • cirkuz 3.3.2017
    2 different out comes...
  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    It was special effects, Neo. He had a stunt double.
  • NeoChomik 3.3.2017
    craig begs to differ mr "no ninjas were harmed during making of this strip"
  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    Sorry, julian. didn't have an accurate idea of the background. Gave him first attack for "assumed" stealth. I liked @craig's background too... had this done earlier this week though and working on grades. No time to change.
  • julian724 3.3.2017
    For a ninja, this doesn't seem to stealthy

    @craig, your background was the most accurate,tbh.
  • craigdragon 3.3.2017
    And Ninja Craig is way too polite, which is why he was sent to this tournament, so he could learn to at least sound like he wants to hurt people when he fights ;)
  • craigdragon 3.3.2017
    Ha ha ha, awesome! I saw that you had started this ahead of time with a different background then what I had set up, but I was too lazy to change what I already had made myself. Great finish too!
  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    Oh yeah, btw, phasor set on stun.
  • Pen_alias 3.3.2017
    Now let see the scenario where Colonel Mustard is the killer.

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