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Ninja Craig Vs Zeek

craigdragon on 3. Mar, 2017 — Lang: English

Ninja Craig Vs Zeek
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    I really wish there was a bigger page for this strip so that I could have put in more. Anyways, thanks to Zeek for sparring with my Ninja Craig and I can't wait to see who moves on to the next round! (Zeek in Genatrix mode by Richard_Burkhart)

    This strip is a reply to Zeek Vs Ninja Craig



    Target sighted. I must retract my wings to avoid early detection.

    This Zeek is quite young, only 12 or 13. I will make sure to tranquilize, not kill.

    I must neutralize that force field!

    Oh, there you are! My name's Zeek.

    The serum will only last for three days, and afterwards the only thing you'll be is hungry and thirsty. Best of luck to you when you return to space!

    ninja craig, zeek, SG_Tournament
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  • Fabiolars 4.3.2017
  • MadameCercle 4.3.2017
  • abrotons 4.3.2017
  • cirkuz 3.3.2017
    knock out darts...
  • NeoChomik 3.3.2017
    a merciful slayer
  • craigdragon 3.3.2017
    @R_B: Ha ha ha, I figured it'd be my only shot at getting through your force field, so I'm glad we both thought of it
  • julian724 3.3.2017
    @pen, this isn't a coutnry it's a uningabited dimension. @richard THC the comodeyhen? oh man! another dead legend. well, at least he lost the battle huh? Or else we wouldn't have another fight.

    edited by owner

  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    Funny how we both used the tail to get through the force field. I had no idea it could actually do that.
  • craigdragon 3.3.2017
    @Pen: Ninja Craig tries to avoid killing anyone middle school age or younger as a general rule. So, you're right on the money!
  • craigdragon 3.3.2017
    I know, I saw that too :(
  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    Crap! I just saw TCH left SG! something about too many fake accounts.
  • richard_burkhart 3.3.2017
    Nice one!
  • Pen_alias 3.3.2017
    What is the killin' age in this country, fifteen or sixteen?

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