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Tournament Character Sheet: Neo's fighter

NeoChomik on 25. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Polski

Tournament Character Sheet: Neo's fighter
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    It was a tough call between Rudevald, X and Future Neo. they all deserve more spotlight, but in the end, i think Rude gets overlooked by you guys way too much in those.

    This strip is a reply to Tournament Character Sheet



    Oh so you are going to represent us?

    Of course. Someone's gotta...

    What about you, mr "Enforcer"?

    I'll pass. The space between dimensions is, indeed, out of my jurisdiction

    I'm just gonna watch things play out...

    Now come with me, I can get you a lift.

    Name: Rudevald

    Species: Human

    Dimension of Origin: SG Game Universe

    - Ability to gather, control and use energy (Simply put: DBZ Ki)

    - General athletic prowess (Dat guy got moves)

    - His secret is being always drunk (makes him unpredictable).

    - Tough son of a gun to kill.

    - Chainsword
    - Conveniently hidden flask with booze
    - mp3 player with loads of metal to make his fights "of epic proportions"

    - Highly believes that "Cover is for pussies", which prevents him from hiding from any attack.
    - Because he is always drunk, his aim sometimes suffer from it.
    - Cocky bastard tends to underestimate his enemies.

    NeoChomik, Rudevald, Jesto, SG_Tournament
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