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Ninja Craig

craigdragon on 24. Feb, 2017 — Lang: No text

Ninja Craig
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    This seems like it could be fun! The design for this strip was based off of an earlier strip of mine from a Naruto wallpaper I once had.
    Name: Craig
    Species: Wampdevil (originates from brtnick's comment in this strip:
    Dimension of Origin: Shadow
    Powers/Abilities: Intense Meditation allows Craig to heighten each of his senses to the extremes for about five minutes resulting in him being able to sense threats and attacks before they happen leading to a quick reaction time, and Blade Tail allows him to stretch out his tail much further than normal to stab an enemy with his shuriken shaped end of his tail. Is quite fast and agile through years of training.
    Weapons: Craig carries a sword and is an excellent shot with his blowdart gun.
    Weaknesses: Needing at least ten minutes to reach the state of Intense Meditation, Craig is very vulnerable to attacks, so he must estimate the amount of time he has to prepare for a threat. Also, the loss of his tail equals certain death as the blood loss would kill him in almost an instant.

    This strip is a reply to TOURNAMENT!, Tournament Character Sheet
    SG_Tournament, craigdragon, as a, ninja
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  • MadameCercle 5.3.2017
    Parfait !
  • Robukka 2.3.2017
    Nice, I like it.
  • Fabiolars 26.2.2017
  • mark_burkhart 25.2.2017
    Nice one
  • abrotons 24.2.2017
    good one craig!
  • julian724 24.2.2017
    @comedyhen @richard Check out the strip on topic to enter, check the rules as well
  • richard_burkhart 24.2.2017
    I can't make a hero named richard. not a very scary hero name.
  • craigdragon 24.2.2017
    All right, tch! We will have epic battles once again!
  • craigdragon 24.2.2017
    @Julian: Yeah, the guy in front is my character, the guy in the back is just a fellow ninja in training with no other relevance.
  • julian724 24.2.2017
    the guy in front is your chracter for the tournament right?
  • julian724 24.2.2017
    looks good. For a second I was confused, but you got the character info in the description.
  • craigdragon 24.2.2017
    Thanks guys! @mau: the ideograms were my best attempt at spelling 'Craig' in Japanese characters (using Google) and using the whole thing as my insignia from time to time. I haven't used it in a while though.
  • richard_burkhart 24.2.2017
    Watch out! It's Ninja Craig! oh, hang on...wouldn't see a ninja coming, so watch out is a kinda stupid warning...grrr... back to the warning drawing board.
  • mau 24.2.2017
    I really appreciate the ideograms in the bottom left. What do they say? "IF YOU CAN READ THIS, YOU DON'T NEED GLASSES"?
  • Pen_alias 24.2.2017
    Looks uncomfortable.
  • Sym 24.2.2017
    Cool character, Craig!

    edited by owner

  • bravekangaroo 24.2.2017

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