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Extreme Hotel Makeover

omnissiuntone on 21. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

Extreme Hotel Makeover
  • Description

    Steve Briers of the Gold Sands hotel in Torquay has his hotel's makeover revealed...



    Welcome back to Extreme Hotel Makeover!

    Before we arrived, the Gold Sands Hotel was terribly out of date. Steve Briers, the owner, was losing business fast. Now, we're here to reveal to Steve the new look!

    We've said goodbye to the old drab armchairs, and hello to this beatiful set of hand-carved rustic wooden chairs!

    Goodbye to the boring, outdated wallpaper Steve had before...

    ...and hello to a mural depicting the demon Abyzou disembowelling a newborn child in the fiery pits of Hell!

    Lost for words, eh? Wait till you see what demonic imagery we've put in the bathrooms!

    funny, comedy, hotel, tv
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