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Gary and Fergus #17

omnissiuntone on 20. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

Gary and Fergus #17
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    Gary tries to chase Fergus for the rent...



    Fergus, you need to pay your share of the rent. This is the second month in a row I've had to pay it all.

    Yeah, OK, just give me some time, I'm a bit short of money at the moment.

    Have you maybe thought about being a little more frugal?

    And give up what, Gary? Food? Water?

    "Fabergé egg baseball" is one thing that springs to mind. And maybe you don't need a new Stradivarius each week.

    I'm not discussing this with you until you're being reasonable!

    gary, fergus, comedy, funny, rent, money, cars
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