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E. Coli outbreak

anonymous on 17. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

E. Coli outbreak
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    got Jesus' medium rare burger.

    enjoying your burger?

    if i put it down it would walk away


    im kidding, its good

    4 days later

    my stomach doesn't feel right...

    ...bacterium?... E. Coli? .... oh boy

    aghh... *sounds of puke hitting the water*... i need help...

    looks like you're going to be fine, just mild dehydration

    If it gets worse, call us immediately

    5 days later

    double click to write...

    Okay, thanks Doc.

    Never eating undercooked food again

    Don't know why he'd want it, it could be dangerous,

    I've warned him so many times, but he doesn't listen

    was pretty warm in there, and chef didn't wash his utilities

    E.coli, food safety
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