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Civil War Comic

anonymous on 17. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

Civil War Comic
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    Mason Ivie comic strip



    double click to write...

    double click to write...

    battle of fort sumter;this war ended peace between the north and the south.

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    battle of bull run;this was an overwhelming sucess for the south.

    battle of shiloh;the union won and gained controll of the mississippi.

    yay we got the mississippi!

    battle of antietam;this was the bloodiest battle in this war.

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    emancipation proclamation;this reminded the northerners why they were fighting.

    battle of gettysburg;this was known as the turnig point of the war.

    gettysburg address;this speech honored the dead and wounded.

    battle of palmito ranch;this battle was not supposed to happen.

    civil war
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