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Paraphrasing ...

35sheep on 16. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

Paraphrasing ...
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  • julian724 17.2.2017
    Honestly I want to be friends with Russia. Even if they're morally 'inferior' to 'us'. I see it this way, America and Russia have enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world twice. I still have the mentality and fear of a cold war kid. I am so scared of a world war 3 man!
  • cirkuz 17.2.2017
    thats hard to believe...
  • abrotons 16.2.2017
  • MangoLango 16.2.2017
    or false?
  • MangoLango 16.2.2017
  • richard_burkhart 16.2.2017
    Sounds a little like a dem that was in that office before.
  • NeoChomik 16.2.2017
    i did not have a relation with that stegosaurus
  • Netrunner 16.2.2017
    Or did he ?
  • MadameCercle 16.2.2017
    — Tu causes.
  • craigdragon 16.2.2017
    Ha ha ha, sure sure! That's an alternative fact for ya, I suppose

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