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Jenny 6

Netrunner on 15. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Français

Jenny 6
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    This strip is a reply to Jenny 5



    Maybe that's selfish but this secret was too difficult to hide for me. This little series is more a cataharsis than a will to tell a story. I'm sorry I've, sort of, forced you to read that. That was not a complaining, a call for help or interset. That was just something I need.

    This has been several days since that friday. I've been ill (no link with this story) so I didnt' get back to work yet. I'm a little afraid of what will happen when I do. Especially about the reaction of co-workers that have seen me in the supervisor's office and that worried about me.

    If only they know. But that's the all point of this situation. They don't and for now, I think that's better. Not for them off course, but for the girl I've, in this story, named Jenny. Even if I trust them, the fear of Jenny knowing her diagnostic because of me is stronger.

    I feel better after all this days. I think I can continue to keep that secret. I hope the doctors was wrong. In fact, that's just beginning

    Thanks for your support.


    Unfortunately, to be continued...

    So I tell Neil.

    After that, I've look at TV.

    Surf on the net.

    But I can't stop thinking about my co-workers. And the secret about Jenny.

    That's may be selfish but I need to share it.

    But how ?

    And then, I think to a solution.

    Somewhere Jenny isn't know and that she don't know.

    Hi SG friends !

    Netrunner, Jenny
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  • MadameCercle 16.2.2017
    Merci d'avoir partagé avec nous.
  • cirkuz 15.2.2017
    thats what we're here for...
    sometimes you need to let go so you can make it through...
  • abrotons 15.2.2017
    we're on your side
  • NeoChomik 15.2.2017
    those internet lips are sealed from her. Seal them tight and keep it between all of us.
  • BaalMoloch 15.2.2017
  • craigdragon 15.2.2017
    I hope things get better for everyone in this sad situation
  • richard_burkhart 15.2.2017
  • 35sheep 15.2.2017
    I think You've done the right thing: You tried to handle your own sadness/fear/sorrow without making things more difficult for your friend, than they already are.

    So far it seems that you've succeeded by sharing with us, and that's a good thing. I wish You all the best.

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