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Divide and conquer ...

35sheep on 14. Feb, 2017 — Lang: English

Divide and conquer ...
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  • stihl 4.12.2019
    very strong wall bro
  • Quag54 24.3.2017
    Sorry 'bout that
  • dogtrax 21.3.2017
    What does a comic strip wall cost, I wonder?
  • MadameCercle 16.2.2017
  • 35sheep 16.2.2017
  • cirkuz 15.2.2017
    you know the wall isnt a bad idea...
    the Chinese built one over a thousand years ago and not one Mexican has gotten through it to this day...
  • 35sheep 15.2.2017
    @julian: as I wrote: It's the idea of a wall dividing 'them' from 'us' thats ridiculous. It doesn't work unless you back it up with brute violence as the east Germans did in Berlin and as the Israelis are doing in Palestine right now. Walls do not solve conflicts, they create and sustain them.
  • julian724 15.2.2017
    @35 sheep, thank you for actually being civil in this discussion, btw
  • julian724 15.2.2017
    If I am correct, the berlin wall split up what used to be one country into two seperate countries. The US and Mexico have always been seperate countries.
  • 35sheep 15.2.2017
    @julian: it's not the wall. It's the *idea* of building a wall. Here in Europe we had one. It brought 40 years of misery.
  • julian724 15.2.2017
    IDK why everyone gets angry over the wall. They act like we don't already have fence. Nobody can just walk into america, All the wall is is a waste of money.
  • Netrunner 15.2.2017
    On the other side, they build a ladder.
  • mark_burkhart 15.2.2017
    If you let the Mexicans build it there will be a secret passage!
  • richard_burkhart 15.2.2017
    It's a pretty wall...
  • EdWilder 14.2.2017
    Great to see your work, again!
  • Elgar 14.2.2017
    I would write "Just another prick in the wall"... but I don't want to be rude, so I won't write that...
  • NeoChomik 14.2.2017
    he doesn't want us to see his new strips
  • abrotons 14.2.2017

    the truth is that in Spain we have a wall
    I hate it
    look 35:
  • OccamsRayzor 14.2.2017
    It's a great view from this side.
  • MangoLango 14.2.2017

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