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Jenny 5

Netrunner on 14. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Français

Jenny 5
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    I didn't say before but, off course, the name in the story are not the same than in real life.

    This strip is a reply to Jenny 4



    By the way, there is one person I can tell.

    In fact I have to.

    Hi, Neil.

    An ex-co-worker with who I'm still in touch.

    Hi Net. Have you seen my last message ?

    He think that was just a friendly call. We just had a beer together last evening.

    Yes, but that's not why I call...

    I tell him.

    He really likes Jenny. One time, when he was stil working with us, Jenny, him and Neil's girlfriend goes to a concert.

    They were always joking together.

    There is still a little chance than everything will be OK if the chemotherapy works. But they're not optimists.

    Neil is now in a nurse's school since 2 years and he made a internship in oncology.

    Yeah... That's possible but that's the last chance. It doesn't work most of time. They know it. The doctors will not do it if she was older.

    He was very lucid on Jenny's very small chances.

    There was a silence.

    Shit man... Jenny...

    And his voice broke.

    I know...

    Netrunner, Jenny
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