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Jenny 4

Netrunner on 13. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Français

Jenny 4
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    Actually, I still didn't tell to anyone.

    This strip is a reply to Jenny 3



    A co-worker stop me before I leave.

    What's wrong Net' ?

    I did hesitate.

    Should I have to finaly tell the truth ?

    Or just say... Saying what by the way ?

    We have seen you with a red face and you has gone in the supervisor's office.

    We were worried.

    "We". So all the team have seen it.

    Well, I... I heard a bad news about... my family.

    But if the others ask. Just tell them I didn't feel good, please.

    "I didn't feel good".

    Why I didn't just said that ?

    That was true in fact. My head hurt so much.

    But now I've lied too. What will happen When they'll know the truth ?

    And they will know.

    Home, at last.

    And now ?

    Jenny is about to die. I'm the only one who knows.

    And I can't tell it.

    Quick ! Aspirin !

    Netrunner, Jenny 4
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