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Jenny 3

Netrunner on 12. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Français

Jenny 3
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    The day isn't over.

    This strip is a reply to Jenny 2



    She lead me to a quieter place.

    Ok, come with me.

    I tell her everything. I've to stop several times.

    Her parents didn't tell her. they want her to be in a good mood for her return to the hospital.

    I understand why you want to tell the team about Jenny but if she doesn't know that's risky. With social networks now, informations going so fast now. She could learn her diagnostic on the net.

    My actual supervisor didn't manage my team when Jenny was still there, so she was thinking differently.

    It will be terrible for her !

    Off course, she was right.

    So now I can't tell the news to the team.

    I'm the only Jenny's co-worker to know.

    For years I had hypertension. Feelings was probably too strongs that day. My heard start to hurt dreadfully.

    I have to get some rest. I use some of my overtime to leave work.

    I pick up my things.

    But, just as I was leaving...

    Netrunner, you look bad. What's wrong ?

    Fuck !

    Netrunner, Jenny
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