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Jenny 2

Netrunner on 12. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Français

Jenny 2
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    The same day.

    This strip is a reply to Jenny 1



    When mr Steven leave, I was lost. Jenny was a very good person. Always smiling. Everybody in the team like her.

    Shit... the team...

    Fuck !

    I have to tell to the team now.

    They were all working already. But that wasn't a good idea to tell them like that.

    I have to talk to our supervisor first.

    She continue to work as I approach.

    Yes Netrunner ?

    Well... I have news about Jenny...

    Suddenly I can't talk anymore. Then she look up and really look at me.

    But... Netrunner What happen ?

    Netrunner, Jenny
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