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Jenny 1

Netrunner on 12. Feb, 2017 — Lang: Français

Jenny 1
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    Real story. Happened friday the 10th.I've to tell this here because I can't really tell to anyone else for reasons I'll explain later in an other strip.
    Sorry, that's not funny but I really have to do this.




    February. Friday the 10th.

    Hello, I'm mr Steven.

    Mr Steven ? But that's Jenny's father.

    Hi mr Steven ! Nice to meet you. I'm Netrunner. One of your daughter's co-worker..

    We had no news from her from a while. How is she ? Last time we heard she was better.

    Well, she's back home now.

    Good, that's always better than hospital. What are the doctors saying ?

    She's back home for three days. Then she'll return to hospital for a new chemotherapy. Doctors aren't optimists.

    They give her 3 months. .. One year at the best.

    Sh... shit...

    I... I'm terribly sorry mr Steven.


    She's a good kid.

    Netrunner, Jenny
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